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More About My Projects

The Perspectives Project, a lot like Star Trek, is on a 5 year mission to seek out strange new perspectives, to discover new thoughts and civilizations .. to BOLDY GO WHERE .. well many have probably gone before, but help me out here.  :)

In 2015 I started a five year project of recording different perspectives I have on most and many things.  It’s like a movie made of my video Journal.  Intertwined in this documentary are news clips, music, original video content, pop culture references and other creative content.  BUT the most important element to tell this story is YOU!!  After I spew my point of view on a topic, and other elements are intertwined to give a reference to what I’m talking about, I open the floor up to you.  My Perspectives Project page has a tool that allows you to record a 3 min video so you can detail you thoughts and perspective on that topic!!  It loads that video directly to my site where it could be incorporated into the final documentary!

I got this idea after visiting a few historic sites in Rome and thinking how much I wished I could hear right from a Roman what it was like to live there.  Then I thought of how different the world was when my parents grew up, when my grandparents grew up.  Then I started thinking about different sociological studies I’ve been apart of, how we isolate the perspective on one population group to understand how something has effected their way of life.  Think of if you would have made a video of life before 9/11 and five years after.  What would life be like, what has been forgotten or just a memory your kids will never experience?

Capturing 2015 to 2020 and making a documentary, followed by placing the Documentary in a 50 year time capsule is what my Perspectives Project is all about.  Share your life .. with the future.  (I just came up with that .. too cheesy?)

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