Matt “Boomer” McDowell currently lives in the historic and artistic city of Charlottesville Virginia.  Born in Illinois, raised in Houston Texas he has always been drawn to the arts.  In his lifetime Boomer has sang with the Houston Symphony, wrote, produced and directed an original stage play, created and ran a mixed martial arts promotion company, studied massage therapy, taught Bible and drama at a private school, is a US Marine, visited 17 countries to include 1 deployment to Qatar, 2 deployments to Iraq and 2 deployments to Afghanistan, wrote and published a graphic novel series, and currently works for the Federal Government as an Operations Officer.  His favorite bar drink is Jack and Coke, dinner drink is red wine.  His favorite colors are forest green and silver and when it comes to food TexMex and Italian are neck in neck for first place in his heart.  Boomer loves America, loves his family, loves his friends, and loves the arts in all its various and beautiful forms.  These loves and passions will be what his site is about.  Hope you decide to follow!

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Boomer’s create projects in the works:

Graphic Novel Series: Nephilites

Nephilites: Awakenings (Complete and on sale through Amazon)

Nephilites: Divided (Written and going to Illustration)

Animated Webisodes: Nephilites : New Beginnings

Graphic Novel Series: Called

5 Book series detailing the lives of those Called to magic.  Concept art and story arc in progress.  Also working with a new concept never before used in a Graphic Novel or Comic.  Will require lots of people.

Animated WebSeries Joint Doodie 

A spoof on military members having to serve together in a Joint Duty status in times of war.  Exaggerates the different military service stereotypes.

Web Series: Kingdom Come

Ongoing Web Series that will tell the story of 5 Kingdom’s in Space going to war over resources and territory while all are trying to solve the mystery of humankind’s destruction on Earth.

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