Matt “Boomer” McDowell currently lives in the historic and artistic city of Charlottesville Virginia.  Born in Illinois, raised in Houston Texas he has always been drawn to the arts.  In his lifetime Boomer has sang with the Houston Symphony, wrote, produced and directed an original stage play, created and ran a mixed martial arts promotion company, studied massage therapy, taught Bible and drama at a private school, is a US Marine, visited 17 countries to include 1 deployment to Qatar, 2 deployments to Iraq and 2 deployments to Afghanistan, wrote and published a graphic novel series, and currently works for the Federal Government as an Operations Officer.  Politically he is the very definition of moderate.   Not red or blue .. more purple leaning towards Libertarian.   He is Christian with many friends that drink, have tattoos, smoke, are not Republican or are gay.  His favorite bar drink is Jack and Coke, dinner drink is red wine.  His favorite colors are forest green and silver and when it comes to food TexMex and Italian are neck in neck for first place in his heart.  Boomer loves America, loves his family, loves his friends, and loves the arts in all its various and beautiful forms.  These loves and passions will be what his BLOG is about.  Hope you decide to follow!    read more

Artisan Consortium

The definition of a consortium is an association of two or more individuals with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.   I wanted to start this network virtual network of artist because of all the incredibly creative people I have come across, many expressing the same sentiment in needing to locate other creative minds often outside their realm of their own expertise.   I saw a need for this and any successful business person will tell you that if you are going to start a business it has to be doing something you love.  I love bringing people together. Another big element of my personality is being a giver.   I love to give, especially to the arts.  Last year I supported over 50 Kickstarter projects with amount s from anywhere to $25 to $1000.    My goal is that with a small membership fee to the Consortium ($7.95), we would pool our resources to support independent works, host creative contests and gatherings, establish the virtual hosting platforms to form communities and enable collaborative workspace and networking. Here are some of the benefits for skipping one fast food value meal a month and becoming a consortium member! 1 –  A  T-shirt.  You need this.  After your 6 month mark of membership you will get an exclusive T-shirt that only members will be able to receive. 2 -  Member contribution prize.   Every month one member will receive money, resources or a gift card for making the most memorable, creative, supportive or original contribution to the online community.  The prize will be awarded through the mail with a golden envelop.  Kinda like Willie Wonka. 3 – The Power to Vote.  Every month three crowd fund projects will be nominated to receive an Artisan Consortium award.  Being a member you can nominate projects and participate in the monthly voting process. 4 – Access to the online community which includes your creative profile detailing your skills and abilities and putting you in the search engine for others to find.   You will also have access to a live chat function with other members and have the ability to share documents and files for collaborative work. 5 – Preferential selection on projects within the community.   I personally have 4 major projects to include 2 graphic novel series, one musical stage play, and two web series that are in development.  I am hoping to exclusively use members of the Consortium.  As relationships form and mature I’d encourage others to use Consortium members as well. 6 – Participation in exclusive contests.  There will be many contests just for Consortium members that will challenge your creativity, network you with others in team challenges, and award you with cash or other items that will advance you abilities to create. 7 – Resources to promote your own books, games, movies, comic, paintings, pottery, and so on.  As the network grows so will our ability to show your creative efforts to the world through social media and live events. Become a part of something great!   Sign up HERE or Login!  <here is hyper link to sign up page>   <LOGIN PLUG IN> read more



Below is a list of creative projects that are being developed:

Graphic Novel Series: Nephilites Nephilites: Awakenings (Complete and on sale through Amazon) Nephilites: Divided (Written and going to Illustration) Animated Web Series: Nephilites : New Beginnings 10 Episode mini-series off of Graphic Novel series. Graphic Novel Series: Called 5 Book series detailing the lives of those Called to magic.  Concept art and story arc in progress.  Also working with a new concept never before used in a Graphic Novel or Comic.  Will require lots of people. Stage Play: Muchacho’s  Three – Musical A stage adaptation of the 3 Amigo’s movie. Web Series: Kingdom Come Ongoing Web Series that will tell the story of 5 Kingdom’s in Space going to war over resources and territory while all are trying to solve the mystery of humankind’s destruction on Earth. read more


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